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    Category: General Information

    The Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS) is a group of organisations set up to provide advice on all aspects of non-lethal and humane bird control, but specialising in the control of pigeons. The PiCAS group consists of two separate organisations working alongside each other with PiCAS UK servicing the needs of all UK-based clients and PiCAS International, the umbrella organisation, dealing with clients worldwide. With the exception of the United Kingdom where PiCAS operates on a commercial basis, PiCAS offers a not for profit service to its client base worldwide, charging only travel expenses where a site visit or survey is required.

    In the United Kingdom PiCAS offers a professional consultancy service charging a fee for site visits and surveys. For all enquiries in the United Kingdom please contact PiCAS UK direct on: 02392 583540 or 07903 011715 or by clicking on the following link to access the PiCAS UK website:

    PiCAS will advise on the control of ALL feral bird species including waterfowl, seagulls, starlings etc and was formed to deal with an ever-increasing demand for advice on humane and effective alternatives to lethal control. PICAS provides an expert advice endorsing scientifically proven methods of control and due to its independent status, all advice provided is completely free from commercial bias. Working directly with Councils and large commercial organisations worldwide, our current list of clients include town and city councils, city centre management agencies, Housing Associations and hospitals.

    PiCAS will provide each client with a comprehensive control programme tailored to meet their specific requirements. Each control programme is designed to effect a long-term and permanent reduction in bird numbers, unlike lethal control options which have the opposite effect. Site visits can be arranged at which time a consultant will discuss all aspects of existing and past control mechanisms and carry out a site survey where required. PiCAS will then work with the client on an open-ended basis to assist with the implementation of any recommendations provided. PiCAS restricts its service to those clients that are prepared to commit to a wholly non-lethal bird control system. PiCAS will not work with any client that is actively using lethal methods of bird control.


    United Kingdom
    Contact Person:
    Phone: 02392 583540 or 07903 011715
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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