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    Society for Animal Freedom and Equality (SAFE)

    SAFE’s vision is to create a worldview that reveres all species of life alike, as equally valuable and deserving of respectful and compassionate action and consideration. To accomplish this end, SAFE will be a catalyst in initiating and facilitating a process of shifting human perceptions towards all beings who share this earth.
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    PO Box 44143
    Burnaby , V5B 4Y2
    Contact Person: Marianne Verigin
    Phone: 778-371-8229

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    The SAFE Philosophy and Mission

    The foundation of the SAFE philosophy is that each individual issue facing animals around the world, whether it be animals used for experimentation, entertainment, factory farming, fur, hunting, etc., is a symptom. All of these issues share a common and deeper cause. The cause is that humans have commonly viewed animals as commodities, property, or resources for our explicit use. We have decided that they are lesser than us, and that we have the right to dominate and control them for our own gain.

    SAFE’s mission is to support the emergence of a new set of beliefs, guided by the principles that all living beings have an intrinsic right to freely exist, and all are interdependent. Rather than addressing each symptom as a separate issue, SAFE will consistently challenge the underlying cause. This will be done in the spirit of cooperation and through peaceful actions.

    Each of us has a choice. We can either turn a blind eye, continuing to do what has always been done, knowing that our actions cause direct harm to many other lives. Most of who pay with their very lives. Or we can make a new choice, creating a new tradition, where we choose to minimize our detrimental impacts on others.

    The solution to ending the callous acts we humans inflict on each other and all other living beings is simple – just change our minds. It is only through the creation of a new perception that we can achieve a solid and lasting solution. When we change our minds, our actions follow.

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