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    It's Their Destiny

    Each year, over 2 million dogs and cats are tortured to death in South Korea. Please help us end this barbarism!
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    Throughout Man's history there can't be one species that he has not eaten at one time or another, including Man himself. Most of us now however believe that there are some species that, due to their long term relationship with Man as both loyal servants and companions, should not be regarded as food animals. We consider it one of the definitions of civilization that those species that we do define as food animals are treated as humanely as possible, safeguarded from unnecessary pain and distress.

    While we accept that in times of famine these reservations may be temporarily waived, we cannot accept that any country can expect to be recognized as equals by the international community while flouting these basic tenets and scorning world opinion.

    One such country is the Republic of South Korea. Incredibly, not only are dogs and cats butchered for their flesh, but tortured beforehand in the belief that this improves the flavour and the "medicinal" qualities of the meat.

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