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    The story begins in November of 2001, when Ingrid decided to do something with the recipes she'd been shamelessly pilfering from - other than hoard them to herself.

    And so the typing began.

    After originally sticking the site on tripod (poor student syndrome), Ingrid received an email from a certain individual by the name of mincus, offering his extremely skilled services to host the site himself.

    And so, after having the luck to find quite a cheap domain name, and mincus' marathon, record-breaking creation of the site's backend, veganfood was reborn.

    The last we heard, Ingrid got restless at work one day and decided to 'avoid work to do work' - designing a new layout for the site. mincus also thought this might be a good opportunity to add a few dazzling features like a comment/membership system, so we have a feeling it may be looking a bit different soon.

    The end (so far).
    Contact Person: Ingrid or mincus
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 03/13/2006.

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