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    Centre for Research into Environment and Development Online (CREDO) is a Non- Governmental Organisation working In new Delhi,India.
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    j-108, First Floor, Saket
    New delhi , DC 110017
    Contact Person: Aradhana Sharma
    Phone: 91-11-6850889,6517328
    E-Mail: [email protected] ,[email protected]

    Detailed Information:

    In June-July 2001, the Centre for Research into Environment and Development Online (CREDO) was established in New Delhi. Its mandate originated in a belief that the democratisation and dissemination of clear and comprehensible information are of cardinal importance in the vastly complicated matter of development.

    CREDO has a team with multidisciplinary backgrounds, including in sociology, resource management, extension, economics, development studies, journalism, art and design, programming, and communications. We are committed to using our disciplines to bridge the substantial digital divide in the development sector by facilitating the exchange of information and provide a platform for the symbiosis of traditional knowledge, successful grassroots movements and alternative technologies. We find the Internet the perfect international interactive platform for global outreach and information access.

    Our work

    The doorway into our mandate is the software / informational component of our project, the Website

    1. Jammanch offers free services, including Web space and site construction and pagemaking tools, to organisations and individuals involved in sustainable development. It seeks to empower them to contact and interact with each other through the Website, the foundation of which is information collation, hosting and dissemination. We collect and collate relevant information from thousands of sources, both primary and tertiary. Access to this information is free and easy. Since non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are the intermediaries in the development process, we found it imperative to draw them into utilising the substantial benefits of the Internet to fulfil their objectives.

    2. In line with the facilitating of Web presence, CREDO builds Websites for other NGOs. Being one ourselves, we know what NGOs in the development sector need, their motivations, requirements and financial and logistical constraints. CREDO provides its services at a fraction of the cost of commercial service providers – our low profit margin is essentially meant to sustain ourselves.

    3. CREDO undertakes both office-based and active research, participatory training and evaluation of issues relating to gender and equity, development imperatives, development laws and human rights, disaster management and mitigation, water resources, environment, agriculture, education, and child welfare. We also have a special section on one of India’s least-accessed regions – the Northeast.

    4. CREDO also gives grassroots facilitators and workers electronic training in order to empower them to use the development vehicle of the 21st century.

    5. CREDO also strengthens the networking agenda by developing a whole raft of communications resources for organisations and people, both on general mandate and particular issues. We design and produce information templates and resources, generated both within CREDO and outside, which communicate the content and process of development knowledge, experience and empowerment. They include posters, postcards, reports, research documents, brochures, etc, in various languages.

    6. Last but not least, we function as an active and holistic advocacy and outreach facilitator for the non-profit sector.

    The basic principles of sharing information at CREDO is summed up in the following statement: Sharing information is sharing power.

    The Centre For Research into Environment and Development Online

    J-Block 108 Saket,

    New Delhi-110017

    Ph: ++91-11-6850889, 6517328

    e-mails: [email protected], [email protected]

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