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    With it's approximately 8000 Swedish members, Sweden’s largest and only "community"/net paper directed on veganism and animal rights,, goes out on international ground by releasing a brand new version on 4 different languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English).

    The new version is number 4 in it's order of, but it's the first that can make animal activist from all over the world to exchange experience and advice to each other.

    - I now hope to contribute to activate activist and spread the message globally about what veganism is and implies, says Magnus Rönnerup, responsible publisher.

    - I want that people all over the world are going to be able to read on and not only the traditional media that often represents vegans and animal activists as terrorists. A vegan respects life, I don't see that as terrorism. Animal activists use different ways to spread their message, but you shouldn't "don't judge everyone alike". is driven idealistic by Magnus Rönnerup, but is updated with help from members on the pages that helps wrigting and tell about happenings around Sweden/the world. has today:
    . Approximately 800 visitors each day
    . 7856 registered members
    . Over 75000 contributions in the forum

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