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    Ontarians support ban on sport hunting wolves

    Earthroots is calling on the Ontario government to implement a comprehensive protection plan for wolves.
    On March 3rd, 2004 Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, David Ramsay announced his intentions to permanently ban the hunting and trapping of wolves in townships surrounding Algonquin Provincial Park.

    Despite, their significant role in the ecosystem, Ontario's wildlife laws do not provide any protection to wolves that range beyond limited park areas.

    There was especially strong opposition to killing wolves for sport, including 70% of those that live in a household with someone who has a hunting licence.
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    Detailed Information:
    Earthroots releases new poll on attitudes towards wolf protection

    (For Immediate Release: May 10th, 2004 - Toronto). Today, the environmental group released a province-wide poll that surveyed Ontarians' attitudes about wolves and the government's management of the species. Key findings from the survey conducted by Oraclepoll Research of Sudbury, include:

    > 90.4% of Ontarians support permanent protection for species at risk like the Eastern Canadian wolf (Algonquin wolf).
    > 88% strongly oppose the practice of sport hunting wolves and more than 70% want an end to the practice of baiting and using dogs to hunt wolves.
    > 82% strongly oppose killing wolves in order to sell their pelts.
    > 88% favour having a sustainable wolf management program, as most do not see that enough is currently being done now to manage wolves.
    > 74% support protecting more wolf habitat.
    > A strong majority also want bag limits, kills to be reported and closing the spring season when pups are born.

    "We are very pleased that Minister Ramsay listened to the people of Ontario when he acted to protect the wolves in Algonquin," said Melissa Tkachyk, Wilderness Campaigner with Earthroots. "Earthroots hopes this will be the first step towards the implementation of a province-wide wolf protection strategy which has strong public support."

    It remains a virtual open season for hunting and trapping wolves in much of Ontario and there are no quotas or bag limits to restrict the harvest. The province does not know how many Eastern or Gray wolves are killed each year (whether for sport, property protection, or because they are perceived as vermin).

    "Even the raccoon has been afforded more protection than wolves under Ontario's wildlife laws," said Tkachyk. "At the very least, wolves deserve no less respect and consideration as the other wildlife species." A strong majority (89%) are of the opinion that wolves should receive at least the same or more protection as other species in Ontario.

    A high number of Ontarians oppose the killing of wolves for the sale of their pelts.

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