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    Ear Cropping Ban On Hold in Assembly Appropriations Committee

    Posted April 18, 2022 - AB 418, the bill to ban the ear cropping of dogs in California, was put "on suspense" by the Assembly Appropriations Committee at its April 13 hearing. Essentially, this means that the bill is on hold until Assembly Appropriations Chair Judy Chu moves to bring it forward for a vote.

    The Assembly Appropriations Committee focuses on fiscal issues and, at the April 13 hearing, the committee chair appeared to be concerned about statements made by the American Kennel Club that the ear cropping ban would result in a dog show boycott and a $1 million drop in tax revenue. The AKC statements were included in the committee analysis and read at the hearing, but no AKC representative was in attendance. There was one dog breeder who attended to oppose. There were approximately a dozen supporters, including representatives of AVAR and several other animal protection groups, veterinary students and private citizens. AVAR presented information at the hearing that we have heard from dog breeders who would welcome the ban because they would feel more welcome in the state with dogs with natural ears. (Note: AB 418 specifically states that dogs with cropped ears can still be shown in California.)

    If you are interested in helping move AB 418 forward in the legislative process, please contact AVAR as soon as possible at Time is of the essence!
    Contact Person: AVAR
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