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    Freedom Fauna

    Freedom Fauna is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness about the exotic pet trade. We are against any buying, selling, trading and keeping of all exotic wildlife.

    The idea for the organization stems from a visit to a pet shop where two ringtail lemurs were for sale. This endangered species, native only to Madagascar and the Comores islands, are protected from trade by CITES, but somehow these two had landed in a cage in a small Ontario town. The sadness in their eyes and their lethargic personalities prompted us to do something about it so Freedom Fauna was formed.
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    Freedom Fauna is here to raise awareness about the negative impacts of the exotic pet trade, including the associated risks to owners. We are dedicated to ensuring that every municipality in Canada strongly consider the implementation of an exotic animal by-law.

    Due to an insufficient number of laws and resources, exotic animals are often permitted within municipalities across the country. Whether an exotic animal is wild caught or captive-bred, their instincts do not permit them to live comfortably in captivity. Without proper inspection and care, these animals may suffer from mistreatment, boredom, disease, and even death.

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