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    Campaign Against Tegel Cruelty

    Here you will discover the cruel reality behind Tegel chickens. We hope you enjoy your visit and invite you to check out the latest in animal abuse for yourself. Tegel chickens are intensively farmed and are more of a factory item than a living being. Tegel chickens are pushed to the very limit of what their bodies can withstand.

    All photos and video footage on this website are of Tegel farms and Tegel chickens.

    Information on this site is what Tegel doesn't want you to know, and go to great efforts to hide from their customers. Learn all about Tegel and find out the key reasons as to why we feel it is important to expose them for the animal abusing, deceitful people that they are.

    Auckland Animal Action (AAA) has registered the domain and set up this website as part of a campaign to expose the cruel facts behind Tegel foods Ltd.

    Over a six-month period, members of AAA undertook an investigation into Tegel chicken farms in the extended Auckland area. Footage and photos were obtained of the shocking conditions on these farms. The footage shows chickens clearly in distress, unable to walk or stand. It also shows activists inside the farms, photographing the terrible conditions and rescuing chickens.

    Our undercover footage clearly documents what is wrong with intensive farming.
    PO Box 7523, Wellesley Street
    Auckland ,
    New Zealand
    Contact Person: Auckland Animal Action
    Phone: 021 175 1399
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