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    Zoo Torah

    Zoo Torah is an educational enterprise that synthesizes these two concepts. It uses Torah as an aid for wildlife education, and it uses wildlife as an aid for Torah education. Zoo Torah offers a series of books, worldwide programs for both adults and children, zoo tours, and African safaris.
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    Contact Person: Rabbi Natan Slifkin
    Phone: (02) 992-0678

    Detailed Information:
    Drawing inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world is valued by all, and Judaism rates it as a religious obligation. The Zoo Torah program imparts powerful messages of such inspiration with fascinating insights into the animal kingdom.

    Every animal possesses unique attributes and characteristics from which we are to learn different lessons. The Zoo Torah program draws upon contemporary zoological knowledge as well as a wealth of classical Jewish sources to convey these lessons.

    The Torah lists many different animals, and the identification of many of these is not at all straightforward. The Zoo Torah program analyzes the clues and provides conclusions that are often surprising. Important lessons about Torah analysis and Jewish concepts, and interesting information about animals, is imparted along the way. Identification also means determining which animals are kosher, and how to classify them.

    Judaism provides a unique framework for determining how man should relate to the animal kingdom. The Zoo Torah program comprehensively discusses these issues, including kindness to animals, vegetarianism, using animals for different human needs, conservation, and so on.

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