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    Dissection Choice Legislation in Vermont

    S.34, Vermont’s Student Choice Bill, has recently been introduced.

    Please spread the word to help one more state pass an official law which will protect compassionate students who want to learn humanely.
    333 Washington Street, Suite 850
    Boston , MA 02108-5100
    Contact Person: Jodie Wiederkehr
    Phone: 617-523-6020 Ext. 27
    Fax: 617-523-7925
    This page was last modified on 02/03/2007.

    If you notice any incorrect information on this page, please let us know.

    Detailed Information:
    S.34, the Vermont student choice bill, is currently in the Senate Committee on Education. Your help is needed to assure passage.

    “This bill proposes to ensure humane treatment of animals kept in a school and to give a student the right to request and receive an instructional alternative to dissection, incubation, capturing, or otherwise harming an animal.”

    Please contact your legislator and ask for their support of S.34, the student choice bill.

    If your senator is a member of the Committee on Education, please contact him/her and ask that he/she take this bill up for a public hearing.

    Senate Committee on Education:

    The Honorable Donald E. Collins (Franklin District - 2), Phone: 802-868-7975,

    The Honorable William T. Doyle (Washington District - 3), Phone: 802-223-2851,

    The Honorable Alice W. Nitka (Windsor District - 3), Phone: 802-228-8432,

    The Honorable Harold Giard (Addison District - 2), Phone: 802-758-2577,

    The Honorable Robert A. Starr (Essex-Orleans District - 2), Phone: 802-988-2877

    If your senator is not on the Committee on Education, please contact him/her and ask that he/she contact the committee members and ask that they schedule a public hearing on S.34.

    If you are unsure of who your legislator is, please call 802-828-2231 or visit:

    For further information:

    Sponsors of S.34:

    The Honorable John F. Campbell (Windsor District - 3), Phone: 802-295-6238,

    The Honorable Vincent Illuzzi (Essex-Orleans District - 2), Phone: 802-334-2807,

    The Honorable Richard J. McCormack (Windsor District - 3), Phone: 802-234-5497,

    Thank you for helping Vermont students and animals.

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