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    Information on the pet trade and abusive pet stores.

    Pet stores should be held to the same standards of care as all other pet owners. We wouldn’t tolerate one of our neighbors abusing their animals, why let the neighborhood pet store?
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    The bottom line is that the pet industry is about making a profit, not about the animals caught in the middle. In addition to the abuse that goes on in pet stores, there are many unscrupulous practices (cyanide fishing, production breeding, fish painting, the sale of unweaned animals) that feed the entire pet trade. Fortunately, as customers, we have the power to effect real change by taking action when we witness abuse and being more mindful in our dealings with the industry.

    I created this website not as a 'pet store hate page', but as a source of information. Not all pet stores abuse their animals or obtain them from abusive sources. It is, however, important that action be taken against the stores that do. It also undeniable that the industry as a whole needs to change. Too many animals are being mistreated before they even reach store shelves.

    Hopefully, the articles on this website will change the way you look at pet store animals and encourage you to change how they are treated.

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