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    Save Our Animals

    It’s been months in the planning, but Save Our Animals is finally begun. Our Street Team website is up and running, and all systems are go.

    We are Save Our Animals, an organisation campaigning against cruelty. We're about action, about making change for animals and about animal rights. We're working with hundreds of people across the globe, in a huge movement for the animals.

    Who are Save Our Animals?

    We're a group of like minded people working for one reason. Save Our Animals was organised in 1999, by a group of students who were disgusted by a leaflet that they read on animal testing. They decided to do something. A lot has changed over the years, but we are still essentially the same, with the same ideas - campaigning against cruelty.

    What do you do?

    We use various methods of campaigning to put our point accross:

    1) Protests. Never underestimate the effectiveness of protests, they're a great tool for putting your message across. We've organised and attended many protests and demonstrations, and will continue to do so as part of our work.
    2) Education. Start them when they're young. If we teach people about what's going on in the animal world, the truth alone will shock and disgust. We work in schools and colleges educating people about animal rights.
    3) Information. We produce loads of leaflets and information packs for animal rights, and do loads of informations stalls and events to spread the word. We have a website that is visited by thousands every month, which has information on many types of cruelty. We do not take part in or actively support violence.

    What are you against?

    We are against all forms of animal cruelty and abuse. This includes:

    • Vivisection (animal testing)
    • The Live Export trade
    • Bloodsports (hunting, bullfighting, angling and shooting)
    • The meat trade
    • Fashion (fur, leather, suede)
    • The pet trade

    How can I get involved?

    You can easily get involved in our work. You can email us at [email protected] You can write to us at Save Our Animals, PO BOX 231, Wallington, SM6 9XA. You can call us on 02086690984. You can visit our website at
    PO BOX 231
    Wallington , SM6 9XA
    United Kingdom
    Contact Person: Save Our Animals
    Phone: 02086690984
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 03/10/2007.

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