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    It's Time to Go Veggie

    Welcome to Viva! and welcome to our new website, written specifically to help people change their diet. Viva! is an active campaign group working to end the cruelty endured by billions of animals, determined to stop the destruction of our planet, fighting to bring an end to the starvation that blights the world’s poorest people and explaining how to live longer, healthier lives. If you share these goals, you can start to help us achieve them today - and it’s simple. Change your diet!

    It’s Time to Go Veggie goes through all the reasons why what we eat is so important. The government won’t tell you that meat helps cause diseases such as strokes, heart disease, cancers, obesity, diabetes and a string of other ailments - adult diseases which are now beginning to affect children for the first time in our evolution. The food industry won’t confess that animals suffer acute mental and physical distress in their living and dying. Few are prepared to admit that global poverty and starvation are directly linked to our affluent lifestyles and meat production. And every effort is made to obscure livestock’s role in destroying the global environment. The reason? Short-term, economic self interest is more important than long-term survival.
    8 York Court, Wilder Street
    Bristol , BS2 8QH
    Phone: 0117 944 1000
    Fax: 0117 924 4646
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