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    Boston Vegan Association

    The BVA is a community-based organization founded to bring together and support local vegans and empower them to effectively expand veganism throughout the Boston area. In pursuit of this mission, the BVA seeks to:

    * Increase vegan options at retail, restaurants and schools in the Boston area
    * Leaflet on college campuses and in heavily trafficked public areas
    * Offer vegan food tastings, or "feed-ins"
    * Conduct or sponsor movie screenings, followed by QandA sessions
    * Support and educate new vegans
    * Provide a community for local vegans
    * Speak to students of all ages about animal concerns
    * Educate and train activists in public speaking and other legal and effective activism through a guest speaker series, coaching and hands-on approaches
    * Write letters to educate the media, public and government about animal issues and veganism
    * Occasionally assist with legal animal rescues in the New England area
    * Offer grants supporting the vegan ventures of local activists and entrepreneurs, among other various activities oriented toward promoting and normalizing veganism and animal rights.

    We're open to vegans--and people adopting veganism--who are interested in joining a friendly group for support, socializing, vegan-friendly events and education, as well as community and business outreach.

    Live in the Boston area? Vegan, or going vegan? Take a look at the user login box over on the right. That's for you! Go ahead register, set up your profile, sign up to receive the newsletter and updates about membership, activism opportunities and social events. In between newsletters, we will post news updates on the home page, so you can check back frequently for those, or subscribe to our RSS feed in the right sidebar.

    Or stay tuned to our calendar for upcoming area events and activities. While we don't always endorse everything on our calendar, it helps us avoid conflicts and maintain a better picture of activism going on in the area.

    As you poke around, read and write Restaurant Reviews, add pictures to the Gallery, browse our Blog, explore our Links, and peruse our FAQs, a great educational tool still in progress. Our community is only as strong as its membership, so join us now!

    If you have any questions or comments, please register and post below, or feel free to contact either of us via the Contact button in the main menu on the left. We look forward to meeting you, and to putting Ahimsa in Action!
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 11/06/2007.

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