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    Animal Defense League - Albany, NY

    The Animal Defense League is a nationally active, grassroots, animal liberation and defense organization, which differs from many mainstream, national groups in that we work to inform the public about animal abuse issues on a local level.
    PO Box 6416
    Albany , 12206-0416
    Phone: 518-496-2569
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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    Detailed Information:
    The Animal Defense League is a strictly grassroots oriented animal liberation organization, dedicated to exposing animal abuse in all of its forms. We believe in liberation as opposed to the awarding of rights, for a caged mink is concerned with nothing short of freedom - of being liberated from the fur farm. With this in mind, a goal of the ADL is to compel others to evaluate the mistreatment of animals, just as we have, and hopefully be persuaded to make changes in their lives by eliminating products that have been developed by means of animal exploitation. If we are to progress as political activists, we can not depend on the current system of checks and balances, for it does not even acknowledge animals, much less encourage fundamental ethics. The ADL strives to set a new standard by working in our different communities and implementing both conventional and non-traditional tactics. We believe in vocal demonstration and civil disobedience actions, as well as literature distribution. We encourage networking between groups and communication among activists. Though the ADL is not involved in clandestine, illegal activities, we support underground direct action groups, such as the Animal Liberation Front, and often act as media spokespeople, justifying acts of economic sabotage against animal abuse industries. ADL believes in the "no compromise" ethic, meaning that when we are arrested at demonstrations we do not, as a general rule, accept bail. We do not pay fines, court costs or related fees, as this would be rewarding the judicial system for arresting (and most often intimidating and harassing) activists. Neither do we do accept probation, as this is the court's tool to silence political activity, but instead we frequently use the jury trial to our advantage, often encouraging the courts to dismiss the case. Lastly, the ADL is, and always will be, 100% non-profit. We accept donations to benefit the organization, but we do not accept payment for our volunteer work, as that money could be better spent furthering the cause of animal liberation.

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