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    21. NewVeg Home Page
    EATVEG.COM is a Vegetarian Resource Site. Founded in 1994 by Robin Armstrong, this site is dedicated to educating people on why an organic, plant-based diet ...
    Category: General Information

    22. PETA eNews
    Norfolk, VA, USA
    PETA e-News lists deliver the animal rights information that you're interested in straight to your inbox. ...
    Category: General Information

    23. PlanetKeeper
    Page about animal rights, vegetarianism, environment. In Portuguese and English ...
    Category: General Information

    24. Protecting Your Bones
    The bone-thinning condition called osteoporosis can lead to small and not-so-small fractures. Although many people think of calcium in the diet as good protection for ...
    Category: General Information

    After refusing to match minimum animal welfare standards adhered to by McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's—all of which bowed to PETA pressure for more humane ...
    Category: General Information

    26. Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV)
    The Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians (SERV), an interfaith coalition of religious groups and activists, has launched an international campaign encouraging religious communities to ...
    Category: General Information

    We promote a vegan (total vegetarian) diet of all raw foods. This diet, which is also called the fruitarian or sunfood diet, is a way ...
    Category: General Information

    28. Vegan-Organic Horticulture and Agriculture Network
    Chorlton, United Kingdom
    Vegan-organics is any system of cultivation that avoids artificial chemicals and sprays, livestock manures and animal remains from slaughter houses. Alternatively, fertility is maintained by ...
    Category: General Information

    29. Vegetarian East London
    United Kingdom
    Guide to vegetarian restaurants, shops and groups in East London. Also contains links, jewellery, a messageboard and a guestbook. ...
    Category: General Information

    30. Vegetarian Resource Group
    Baltimore, MD, USA
    The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, ...
    Category: General Information

    Eating good food is one of life's pleasures... And vegetarians and vegans needn't miss out. Follow the links below to view hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and ...
    Category: General Information

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