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    41. Rhode Island Vegan Awareness (riva)
    Providence, RI, USA
    Rhode Island Vegan Awareness is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing animal suffering, environmental pollution, and chronic illness by advocating a vegan diet. We strive ...
    Category: Organizations

    42. Stanford Vegan Action
    CA, USA
    Stanford Vegan Action is a student group based at Stanford University with affiliations at UC Berkeley. We are not a group that is just for ...
    Category: Organizations

    43. Students Improving the Lives of Animals (SILA)
    Champaign, IL, USA
    SILA is a RSO and program of the University YMCA. SILA strives to peacefully advocate for non-human animals through outreach, education, and active animal rights ...
    Category: Organizations

    44. The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland
    The Gap, Queensland, Australia
    Vegetarian,Vegan,Queensland,Society,restaurant,restaurants,health,environment,environmental Brisbane,recipe,recipes,resource,resources,link,links,guestbook,whats new, FAQ, f.a.q., contact, address, food, meat free, health, healthy, new age, lifestyle, focus ...
    Category: Organizations

    45. Toronto Animal Rights Society
    Toronto, Canada
    The mission of the Toronto Animal Rights Society is to effect positive change for the rights of animals through positive example and education, as well ...
    Category: Organizations

    46. Toronto Vegetarian Association
    Toronto, Canada
    Founded in 1945, the Toronto Vegetarian Association is a volunteer-driven charitable organization devoted to providing information and support to people who are interested in making ...
    Category: Organizations

    47. Uncaged Campaigns
    Sheffield, United Kingdom
    Uncaged Campaigns oppose vivisection on scientific and ethical grounds, and adhere to vegan, feminist and green philosophies in all that we do. We believe that ...
    Category: Organizations

    Category: Organizations

    49. Vegan Outreach
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    VEGAN OUTREACH (VO) is an international 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to furthering awareness and understanding in order to bring about fundamental change in our physical well-being, ...
    Category: Organizations

    50. Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia
    Washington, DC, USA
    Founded in 1927, the Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia, Inc. (VSDC) is the nation's oldest vegetarian society. It is a non-profit educational organization ...
    Category: Organizations

    51. Vegetarians In Motion (VIM)
    Rockford, IL, USA
    Vegetarians in Motion (VIM) was formed in 1988 in Rockford, IL by a few dedicated individuals who wanted to provide education and support for those ...
    Category: Organizations

    Madison Heights, MI, USA
    Veggies In Motion (VIM) is a Southeast Michigan nonprofit organization promoting the awareness of the health, ecological and ethical consequences of our food choices. We ...
    Category: Organizations

    53. Vermont Vegetarian Society
    North Ferrisburg, VT, USA
    The Vermont Vegetarian Society is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, all-volunteer educational organization providing information about vegetarianism and practical experiences with vegetarian food. ...
    Category: Organizations

    54. VivaVegie Society
    New York, NY, USA
    Category: Organizations

    55. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary (WFAS)
    Woodstock, NY, USA
    Located in the famous town of Woodstock, New York, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary provides shelter and care to rescued farm animals, offers farm tours and ...
    Category: Organizations

    56. A Perfect Healing, Inc.
    N. Miami Beach, FL, USA
    A health based non-profit emphasizing vegetarian/vegan foods and supplements in recovery from disease. Education services on website (Nutritional Healing Clearinghouse from A to Z) suggesting ...
    Category: Organizations

    57. ABC Animal - Associação Brasileira pela Causa Animal
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    Category: Organizations

    58. Abolitionist Vegans
    omaha, NE, USA
    Grassroots animal rights social community focusing on making animal rights resources as free and abundant as possible. ...
    Category: Organizations

    59. Action For Animals
    Austin, TX, USA
    It is our belief that all sentient creatures, regardless of their species, are deserving of moral consideration and moral treatment; and to that end, they ...
    Category: Organizations

    60. Action For Animals
    Seattle, WA, USA
    AFA is an all volunteer organization based in Seattle, Washington and operates under the simple principle that animals do not exist for humans to eat, ...
    Category: Organizations

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