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    1. Animal Rights and Vegetarianism [Punkerslut Freethought]
    --, MA, USA
    Alternative ways of thought for religion, society, economics, politics, and ethics. Some of the alternative views held in this site are Anarchism, Collectivism, Atheism, Freethought, ...
    Category: Articles

    2. Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
    The mission of this website is to provide a clear statement of a nonviolent approach to animal rights that (1) requires the abolition of animal ...
    Category: Articles

    3. Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach-Blog [Professor Gary L. Francione]
    This blog will explore animal rights issues from a perspective that: (1) requires the abolition of animal exploitation and rejects the notion that animal use ...
    Category: Articles

    4. Avoiding Burnout - How Does One Survive Dealing Day After Day with a Cruel Industry?
    Several years after we met as hunt saboteurs in the mid 1980s, I had a conversation with Norman Phelps of The Fund For Animals, who ...
    Category: Articles

    5. Barry Horne
    This site is dedicated to the memory of Barry Horne, an animal liberation activist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5 2001. ...
    Category: Articles

    6. Happy Thanksgiving: 16 Turkeys in Rescued in Vermont [Animal Liberation Frontline]

    In a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Rights Militia claimed responsibility for liberating 16 turkeys and two geese ...
    Category: Articles

    7. Humane Investing
    Animal advocates go to great lengths to ensure that they do not contribute to animal suffering. From a vegan diet to not wearing leather to ...
    Category: Articles

    8. Of Human and Non-Human Animals
    United Kingdom
    Category: Articles

    9. Speciesism
    Speciesism is prejudice based on species, a failure to accord some or all nonhumans as much consideration and respect as humans. The most extreme speciesists ...
    Category: Articles

    Category: Articles

    11. T h e A n i m a l R i g h t s F A Q (
    Category: Articles

    12. UK Police Spying Began With Animal Rights Activists Then Expanded to Other Groups []

    There has been a slew of incredible, and disturbing, reporting by the UK Guardian recently on how police have rebranded activism as “domestic extremism” and ...
    Category: Articles

    13. Vegan Abolitionist
    The exploitation of sentient nonhumans should be abolished, not adjusted. We can only achieve this goal incrementally. As individuals, our minimum requirement is veganism. Living ...
    Category: Articles

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