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    Activists Against Factory Farming
    Inviting everyone with an opinion on factory farming, be you veg or meat-eater. This issue affects us all and needs serious improvement. My related website is where I talk about my experiences as a Tyson worker turned activist. Let's talk rationally about factory farming.

    The Animal Life mailing has a broad, global scope and is intended for all news, views and discussion about animals, their health, management and protection. Animal Life list Web site: To subscribe, send a message to: [email protected]

    Animal Rights Activists of New Jersey
    Our mission is to advocate for animal-rights and to help reduce animal suffering through education and non-violent action. We also advocate conversion to a vegetarian/vegan diet to help reduce animal suffering, improve human health and to lessen damage to the environment.

    Animal Rights in Russia (in english)

    AnimalLib-List is the majordomo mailing list of the Animal Liberation Action Group. This list is generally intended to have a local or Wisconsin orientation. The list also disseminates information related to the Great Ape Project.

    Animals in Print Newsletter
    Animals In Print is an animal rights organization dedicated to educating others about cruelty towards animals. Animals In Print provides a free online newsletter for responsible and effective animal rights advocacy.

    The AnimalTalk newsletter is a free service of AnimalTalk, Inc. To subscribe, send e-mail to: [email protected] Subject: MAILING LIST Text: SUBSCRIBE

    AR-News Mailing List
    AR-News is an international source or Animal Rights related news, with over 600 subscribers, and dozens of news items posted every day.

    Bible Veggies
    Bible Veggies is the place to wander through the Bible from beginning to end as vegetarians, with other vegetarians, or until you tire of the journey.

    Building Vegetarian Culture
    The task of building vegetarian culture has been undertaken throughout the millennia by religious and spiritual communities, vegetarians with a worldview, and the vegetarian diet is intertwined in their understanding with all their other beliefs.

    Childfree-vegetarians is for childfree adults who are vegetarians or who are interested in vegetarianism.

    Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists
    A wide array of different email lists varying by subject but always relating to dogs.

    Dallas-Fort Worth Vegetarian Happenings Newsletter
    Vegetarian Happenings is published free 2-3 times monthly and covers Dallas-Fort Worth, TX vegetarian events, restaurants, and dining plus recipes and news. Send name and email address to [email protected]

    ERR News
    ERR News is an online mailing list dedicated to equine rescue, welfare, placement and happenings within the Equine Rescue Resource Inc.

    Farmed Animal Watch
    For a free subscription to Farmed Animal Watch, send a message to: [email protected] Please type "subscribe" in the subject line and include your first and last name.

    Frontline-News is a News Only mailing list, bringing you uncensored news stories from around the world and updates of animal liberation prisoners from around the world. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with the following line in the body of the message:
    subscribe frontline-news

    GEVHA-files and newsletter
    GEVHA- Grupo para el Estudio de la Violencia en Humanos y Animales. Educación Humanitaria. Group for the Study of Violence towards Humans

    Humane Education Network
    A resource for humane educators and those interested in humane education. We hope to network those in the compassionate field of humane education.

    As more and more campus animal advocacy groups form around the world, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recognizes a need for better communication among these groups. With the Inter-Campus Animal Advocacy Network (I-CAAN), our goal is to help animal advocacy organizations more effectively recruit members, share ideas and strategies, disperse information, carry out campaigns, and otherwise help animals. Discussion of topics related to animal issues, like environmental concerns, are also welcome.

    LOVE: Living Our Vegan Ethics!

    Mad Cowboy e-Newsletter

    This Malden-MA-Vegetarians list is for vegetarians who live in and/or around Malden, Massachusetts, who want to organize vegetarian resources and vegetarian-friendly events, and who want to give a positive public visibility to vegetarian people, resources, and practices in and around around Malden.

    MichAnimals · Michigan Animal Rights Issues
    The intent of this listserve is to provide action alerts to Michigan residents. If there is something in your area that needs response from local Michiganders, post it on the listserve.

    Examples of things to post and take action on:
    -Animals in entertainment events. For example, many county fairs have rodeos, local group sponsors a circus.
    -Local bill that is maybe animal friendly or anti-animal that needs attention
    -Local business sells fur
    -Any local campaign you are working on and want letters in support
    -Advertise upcoming local protests, demonstrations, or other events

    Be sure to include as much details as possible such as sponsors, contact information for target, etc.

    So, join, post action alerts, and respond POLITELY to as many alerts as possible.

    Muslim Vegetarians
    Vegetarian Muslims need venues and ways to network with one another. This is one such venue.

    Pagan and Vegan
    Open to all... vegetarians, vegans, pagans.

    PCRM Breaking Medical News
    Whether you're a doctor, student, dietitian, or layperson, Physician Comittee for Responsible Medicine's new eNewsletter will provide you with the latest breaking news in nutrition, innovations in medical research, and preventive medicine.

    penzelda · ANIMAL ALERT

    People4ChineseAnimals (People4Chinese Animals)
    This group is designed for activists with a special interest in helping animal groups in China. Here you may post relevant and current animal issues, discuss ways of helping Chinese animals, initiate petitions, write letters, and other actions that might promote the animal cause in China.

    Postings are restricted to Chinese animal issues, and non-polite postings or negative criticisms will not be allowed.

    Planet Eggplant
    Planet Eggplant is a discussion group for vegetarians and vegans. You don't have to be vegetarian to join, but you do have to respect our beliefs. Please, no arguing about meat-eating. That is our one unbreakable rule. You may argue about whether or not you love eggplant (and who in her right mind wouldn't?) or about politics, religion, or the existence of life on other planets. In other words, conversation is not limited to vegetarianism; feel free to discuss whatever you like as long as it's done in a courteous way.

    PMRescue: Puppymillrescue
    Puppymillrescue, is an internet-based organization. This list is an extension of our organization. Created to locate, foster, and place in forever loving homes, purebred dogs previously used as breeders in PuppyMills.

    PrimFocus - Primate protection issues, news, information and discussion. To
    subscribe to PrimFocus (or change your subscription settings), and/or to
    search the archives, go to

    For more information, please see

    PtVo - Pennsylvania Teen Veg*an Organization
    PtVo is a mailing list for Pennsylvania Teen Veg*ns.

    Saratoga Vegetarian Society
    The Saratoga Vegetarian Society is committed to providing its members with a safe forum to share information, explore possibilities, and educate the community on conscious choices concerning the food we eat. We are based on principles of egalitarianism, inclusion and acceptance of a wide range of stances with respect to Vegetarianism, and promote no specific stance on lifestyle choices. Our intention is to bring a collegial and enthusiastic spirit to the Saratoga Springs area regarding Vegetarianism and the philosophies of tolerance, non-violence, social justice and political activism.

    SeniorVeg · Senior Vegetarians and Vegans


    South Florida Animal Rights

    Stray dogs in Yugoslavia
    An active place to discuss ways of helping numerous stray dogs in Yugoslavia, where they multiplied because of the war and sanctions. Our task is more difficult since the people here are in need too, and all humanitarian help is directed towards them. But we must endure in the name of those innocent beings...

    To subscribe, send your request to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-biz list and how your list membership would contribute to the life on the list and the advancement of the discussion, or the improvement of business opportunities and success for and among vegetarians, and/or services and goods provided TO vegetarians and to the rest of the general public who are exploring plant-based food options.

    To subscribe, send your request to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-edu list and how your list membership would contribute to the life on the list and the advancement of the discussion.

    Veg-News E-Mail List
    Veg-News provides a mechanism for the exchange of news and information pertaining to the issues of vegetarianism and may be considered to be a public news wire.

    For vegetarians who are key decision makers in local vegetarian organizations, or organizers of vegetarian groups and events. To subscribe, send your request to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-org list.

    To subscribe, send an e-mail request to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-parent list Include your names.

    Discussion is limited to recipe requests, questions about recipes, ingredients, preparation, food, cookbooks, etc." To subscribe, see

    Vegetarian discussion of religion. To subscribe, send your request to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-rel list.

    To subscribe, send an e-mail to [email protected] with an explanation of your desire to subscribe to the veg-teen list. Include your names.

    Vegan Weightlifting
    All aspects of weight training, cardio, and dieting for appearance, fat loss, sports, competitive weightlifting, and bodybuilding - from a vegan (dairy-free vegetarian) perspective.

    To subscribe, send email to [email protected] with the following request in the body of the message and no subject line: subscribe vegan-l

    Vegan-Straightedge -- To subscribe, send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following request in the body of the message and no subject line: subscribe VsXe Firstname Lastname (Vegan Discussion List in Italiano)
    Italian mailing list dedicated to veganism. La mailing list VEGAN-IT nasce per aiutare a diffondere informazioni sullo stile di vita vegan.

    VeganForLife List
    Linked to the VeganForLife website, the VeganForLife mailing list is for all who are interested in veganism and its solutions to environmental degradation, world hunger, animal cruelty and animal and; human rights issues.

    The vegan ideal of non-exploitation is the greatest peaceful revolution ever known, in the better interest of human and nonhuman animals alike. Vegan Views is dedicated to empowering us all to liberate ourselves from animal industries and to respect animals' interests in life on their terms.

    The intent of this list is to bring together all individuals and groups from Connecticut (U.S.A) working for the liberation of non-human animals. However, activists and groups from other areas are welcomed. This list is for posting action alerts, news, newsletters, schedules of actions and protests, and discussions about animal rights and animal rights advocacy.


    Vegetarian Admins
    Vegetarians who work in administrative, clerical, secretarial, and support positions have many issues to sort, not only those of their employer, but also ethical and strategic issues related to that employment.

    The Vegetarian-Engineer e-mail list is for vegetarians who are (a) professional engineers or (b) students or faculty in engineering schools. (c) We may also welcome solutions-oriented vegetarians who work in engineering or engineering-education environments.

    Veggie Jews
    Veggie Jews is dedicated to providing a support group for Jewish vegetarians and vegans and spreading vegetarian/vegan and animal rights consciousness into the Jewish community. The group exists both online as a Yahoo group through which members can easily communicate with the group and as a community group with periodic local events. Veggie Jews is not a singles or religious group, but single and religious people are always welcome at events as are our non-Jewish friends who are vegetarians, vegans or interested in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Many of our events are organized by volunteers and membership is free. The group was established in San Francisco but chapters will be set up in other cities as soon as possible.

    vegi-bodybuilders (Vegetarian Bodybuilders and Powerlifters)
    A group devoted to sharing info. about bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic lifting, and weightlifting as veg*ns. This group is for sharing diet info., specific program info., etc.

    VEGLIFE is a privately owned discussion list that is made available, free of any membership fees, to the international community of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This bulletin was created for you, the subscriber, to avoid any misunderstandings and inform you of what VEGLIFE is about regarding its rules, regulations, guidelines, and what is expected of you as a guest on this list. Please read the bulletin in its entirety since it contains important subscriber information, and then store it somewhere safe for future reference. To subscribe, send e-mail to - [email protected] - in text of message - sub veglife your_real_name .

    Whether you're just getting ready to take that first step into vegetarianism or you're a long-time vegan, VegList is THE mail list for you.

    VegManiacs is a general vegan/vegetarian mailing list with a wide variety of people. There are practically no rules, anything can be discussed.

    VegMusicians is about making EVERY vegetarian a musician, about singing and musically performing "the vegetarian experience," about lifting every vegetarian voice and celebrating in the most joyful, exuberant ways the wondrous joys of being vegetarian.

    VegScience was created to fulfill two purposes: (1) Provide an online forum for researchers in various disciplines to share information relating to vegetarianism and (2) Provide an online forum for the general public interested in vegetarianism to obtain information on current research.

    VRG Parents
    Are you raising a vegetarian or vegan child? If so The Vegetarian Resource Group, invites you to be a part of a network of vegetarian parents interested in exchanging ideas on various topics such as creating tasty snacks for toddlers, the challenges of non-vegetarian family/friend gatherings, how to talk with your child about vegetarianism, helping kids handle peer pressure, even shopping resources for leather/wool alternatives.

    wan-entertainment (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on animals used for entertainment.

    wan-experimentation (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on animal experimentation (including animal testing of cosmetics).

    wan-farm (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on farm animal issues (including battery hens).

    wan-fur (World Animal Net)
    World Animal Net mailing list for information and resources on the fur issue.

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