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    Animal Concerns Community links to news stories from leading publications and media sources around the world. We archive these stories for a limited time only. If you have a story to suggest, please let us know.

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    Press of Atlantic City
    Teens charged in cat killing need psychological help, experts say - I don't think it's sort of a death sentence into becoming a violent offender, said Suzanne Porreca, senior therapist at AtlantiCare Behavioral ...
    Allentown Morning Call
    Pet owner shocked to learn cat was shot - State police at Fogelsville refer to the case as animal cruelty in a police report but say they don't know if the ...
    Waynesboro Record Herald
    Farmers introduce first cage-free chicken house - A lot of animal welfare people don't like the chickens penned up in cages. These chickens will have more room to walk ...
    Elk Breeder Arrested After Confrontation With Fish And Game - The Department of Fish and Game says an eastern Idaho elk breeder whose animals escaped a private hunting reserve near Rexburg in ...
    North Country Gazette
    Woman Gets Two Years In Jail For Poisoning Dogs, Son Pleads - The man who shot his sister's four German shepherds and then burned them in his backyard after his mother first tried to ...
    India eNews
    Hundreds of animals sacrificed in Orissa temples - He added that the animal sacrifice took place despite huge protests by animal rights activists. ...
    Roanoke Times
    School prank ruffles feathers - But this prank comes with punishment -- possible criminal charges from the Botetourt County Sheriff's Office for cruelty to animals and disruption ...
    Merrimack River Current
    Entrepreneur is nuts about soybeans - "At the time peanut allergies were not in the news that much," she said, "but soy was the 'power bean' and today ...
    Times Record News
    Woman says she's innocent of animal cruelty charges - She said her business, Down South Horses, buys neglected and abused animals, nurses them back to health and sells them at affordable ...
    Las Cruces Sun-News
    Two arrests made in snake killings - Two teenagers were arrested Friday for allegedly killing several snakes and stealing other reptiles from the Las Cruces Reptile Rescue more than ...
    Salem Times-Register
    Circus wows kids of all ages - Under increased pressure from animal rights activists, Cole Bros. and other circuses have scaled back their animal acts and now concentrate on ...
    Associated Press
    Woman jailed after poisoning, shooting, burning pets - When asked if she wished to speak Friday, Jane Fletcher of Little Falls got to her feet with her attorney's help and ...
    Toronto Star
    Sniffing out some raw facts about good health - A plant-based diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but no dairy products, caffeine or refined sugar is healthy because ...
    Inside Bay Area
    Two abused cats find hope in a new, loving home - Unfortunately, most of the cats involved in this particular case could not be rehomed. Many were too ill to adopt, and a ...
    Bond denied for suspect in pony dragging - Baldwin County District Judge Jody Bishop on Friday denied bond for the roadside carnival worker accused of dragging a Shetland pony behind ...
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