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    Category: Organizations

    A support center and resource guide for the vegetarian/vegan Buddhist and those with questions about vegetarianism in a Buddhist context.
    VeggieDharma offers an informational website with two main objectives. The first objective is to be a resource for those who are looking for information on vegetarianism/veganism and Buddhism. There are many Buddhists who are not yet vegetarian who need some help and information to make the transformation to a non-flesh diet. We hope the extensive links, inspirational quotes, essays and interviews on will help make this transformation a bit easier.

    The other goal for VeggieDharma is to provide support for Buddhists who are already vegetarian or vegan. Some people may find the necessity of support to be a bit odd—you’re a vegetarian or you’re not, what’s the problem? But the truth is, while there are millions of vegetarians and vegans in North America, we are still a minority is a vast sea of meat-eaters. Vegetarians—whether Buddhist or not—are consistently harassed, even if it’s in a joking manner, by their families, friends, co-workers, strangers (if you have a vegetarian bumper-sticker on your car, I’m sure you’ve experienced the finger more than a few times), and even other Buddhists. Flesh-eating Buddhists will recite Sutra quotations day and night—often angrily and out of context—to justify their murderous meals. But the simple truth is that giving up flesh foods is the easiest way to grow compassion in your own life and to ease the suffering of countless sentient beings. It may seem the antithesis of logic, but it takes courage to be a vegetarian or vegan—just as it takes courage to practice, the courage to follow the right path and to release bad habits. VeggieDharma is here so that all vegetarian and vegan Buddhists will know they are not alone in their beliefs.

    Contact Person: Gabe Konrad
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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