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    SEEC - Stop Experimentation on and Exploitation of Chimpanzees

    SEEC ("cease") is a Primate Freedom Project working to end the use of chimpanzees for U.S. biomedical research
    PO Box 650163
    Sterling , VA 20165
    Contact Person: Cyn Krueger
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 01/31/2003.

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    Detailed Information:
    More than 1300 chimpanzees are currently imprisoned in U.S. research facilities. Many are enduring mind-numbing conditions and isolation. Some are being subjected to torturous vivisection. It is claimed that chimpanzees are chosen as experimental subjects because they are our closest genetic kin; over 98% of human and chimpanzee DNA is the same. But their close similarity to humans also makes it unethical to harm them, because like us, they are sentient, intelligent, self-aware, empathetic and highly social. And chimpanzees differ from us in ways that make them poor models for our diseases.

    Other young chimpanzees are exploited for the most frivolous purposes - they are forced to perform for our amusement or are kept as pets until they become unmanageable.

    Many people recognize that we must stop experimenting on and exploiting chimpanzees. The time has come for all persons of compassion and morality to speak out on their behalf and demand an end to this archaic practice. We must acknowledge chimpanzees for who they really are - our next of kin.

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