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    Should your Society or organization wish to join the mentioned ceremony, please provide us with the requested details and return to us the following text by e-mail:

    "By means of these presents we would like to inform you of our intention to take part to the celebration in memory of the animals mutilated and killed last November 2 in the premises of the Tarragona shelter. We also hereby accept the objectives pursued by the act in order to achieve the passing of fair and effective laws on animal protection".

    Name of the organization

    mail to: [email protected]

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    Rambla Catalunya 14, 2 3.
    BARCELONA , BCN 08007
    Contact Person: Luis Luque
    Phone: +34 93 4120073
    Fax: +34 93 412 15 54
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    Having seen the seriousness of the acts, which occurred on the premises of the society for the protection of animals of Tarragona (municipal territory of Reus) on the night of Friday, November 2, the Altarriba Charity offer the sum of 100.000 (one hundred thousand) pesetas as a reward to anyone, who provides information that leads to the arrest and handing over to the authorities of the persons behind the ferocious attack which, after mutilation, led to the death of 15 defenseless animals.


    On the night of Friday, November 2, several people broke into the premises of the Society for the protection of animals of Tarragona which, due to the lack of space in the city that the shelter is supposed to serve, is situated within the municipal territory of Reus, on the outskirts of Tarragona.

    According to a spokesman for the Society, entrance to the premises, which home about two hundred dogs, was gained by forcing the weakest point of the enclosure. This implies that the wrongdoers had knowledge of the layout. 15 small to medium size dogs were singled out. The animals selected were among the most sociable and loving ones. Subsequently, the dogs were taken outside the Society's premises, tied to a tree and covered with blankets to enable the mindless thugs to carry out their evil task. By using machetes the dogs' front paws were amputated just above the paw.

    The Society's spokesman also affirm that the brutal acts were committed in a methodical manner and in absolute tranquility with the lights on, which proves premeditation.

    9 of the 15 chosen dogs survived until the next morning. They were still able to wag their tails when found by the Society's volunteers, although they spent the night agonizing and bleeding to death. Yet, one of them, a bitch, managed to find the strength to crawl over twenty yards to feed her 20-day-old puppies. However, the impossibility of saving the dogs' lives led the veterinarian to decide to put them to sleep.

    On Sunday, November 4, 5 small to medium sized dogs were still missing as well as a few large ones.

    On Saturday, November 3, on discovering the effect of the previous night's atrocious acts, the Society summoned the mass-media, but only the newspaper "Diario de Tarragona" responded to the call. It was only on Sunday that further to the coverage given to the occurrence by the "Diario de Tarragona" the rest of the press took an interest in the acts and reported the event.

    The Altarriba Charity has offered a 601 (100.000 pesetas) reward to anyone, who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the persons behind this atrocity.

    Likewise, the Altarriba Charity will take part in the proceedings, as part of the civil accusation along with the Council of Tarragona and the Catalan Government (Generalitat).

    On behalf of the Altarriba Charity we would like to give voice to the feelings not only of the people involved in the protection of animals, but also of all those people endowed with a minimum of common sense by requesting that the authorities comply with their duty to identify and bring to justice the authors of these acts, ensuring that the perpetrators fell the full weight of the law. It seems evident that these evil people do not possess any sense of decency and cannot co-exist in society with the rest of people and animal that inhabit the planet.

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