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    Complete List of Dog-Related Email Lists

    A wide array of different email lists varying by subject but always relating to dogs.
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    Contact Person: Cindy Tittle Moore
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    There are many email lists on canines and related topics. They are all implemented in different ways. Some are handled by automated software (of which there are several varieties!) and others are manually controlled. Some lists are open to all, others have requirements for membership, or even ceilings on the total number of subscribers. Some are high volume and others much lower. Some of these lists offer both interactive (where you get each message as it is sent out) and digest (where messages are collected up to some point, either by size or time, and then sent out) versions.

    The actual manner in which you subscribe to each list can differ. I've tried to make it very clear how to do so for each list below. When I state that "your-name" is desired, that's your real name. For example, I would substitute "your-name" with Cindy Tittle Moore if I subscribed to a list with that in the instructions. If "your-email-address" is requested, that would be your email address. Again, for example, I would use [email protected] for "your-address". A few do not require either your name or your email address: in these cases, don't add this information, it is extracted from your email directly.

    Other lists are NOT automated, and are contacted by request addresses that are maintained by real live people, so a short request like "Please add me to the herding list." is appropriate for these lists.

    Please do not send mail directly to the list asking to be added or deleted from the list. It's poor form because your request gets spit out to all the subscribers on the list; creating unnecessary bandwidth and putting useless email into mailboxes around the world. Moreover, many list administrators simply ignore these messages. So use the contact addresses provided! And when you get welcoming information from the list after subscribing SAVE THIS INFORMATION. It will provide you with information on how to unsubscribe from the list when you wish to do so.

    Since not all automated lists are run with the same software, please don't expect the same functionality across all of them. For example, on some lists you might "postpone" your email while you are on vacation. On others you simply unsubscribe and then resubscribe when you return. So read through any information you get from the subscription carefully.

    Watch out for the common error of substituting the numeral 1 for the letter l. I've tried to make this clear by capitalizing wherever it seemed appropriate below.

    Finally note that subscription may be arbitrated by the list owner or administrator at any time. Should a list owner decide that a particular individual should not be subscribed or remain subscribed, that is their prerogative. Inflammatory posts, baiting, flaming other individuals, spamming, or conducting commercial activities on the list are typical grounds for removal. Most lists make their preferences known in the welcome file.

    If you are interested in starting up a dog-related mailing list, first consult with the providers of your account. Many are willing to let you run a list under their Listserv or Majordomo software already installed. Most will do it for free (as part of your account "perks"). Some may charge you for setting it up. If you look around you may also be able to find some free or for-charge options.

    Please note that there are a number of dog oriented mailing lists run at I did not originally list them because they initially required a web browser to subscribe. They have since added email subscription requests, so go ahead and ask me to add them. You can also go directly there and search on the dog lists they have to see if you can find what you're looking for.

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