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    Stray dogs in Yu

    This is a Yahoo-group that deals with the problem of abandonned and homeless animals in Yugoslavia, a country that underwent lots of problems itself recently. Those events reflected largely on the most innocent - animals.
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    Vojvode Bogdana 5
    Belgrade ,

    Contact Person: B. Vuyanovic
    Phone: 38 11 404 924
    Fax: 38 11 404 924
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    Stray dogs in Yu had been founded in September 2001. by Mrs B. Vuyanovic, a Yugoslav citizen who rescues bandoned dogs and cats all her life. She attempted to start a fund for such purposes, but did not meet understanding of the officials.

    After a struggle of almost three years, her effort fruited in the establishment of the Fund "sPas" (the word "spas" in Serbian means "rescue", "salvation", and its part "pas" means "a dog").

    The group "Stray dogs in Yu" had been established before "sPas" came in to being and it reflects its story. The members of the group come from all over the world and they all are interested in rescuing abandoned pets and improving animal rights.

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