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    International Primate Protection League

    IPPL works worldwide for the conservation and protection of apes, monkeys, and prosimians.
    POB 766
    Summerville , SC 29484-0766
    Contact Person: Shirley McGreal
    Phone: 843-871-2280
    Fax: 843-871-7988
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 05/28/2003.

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    Detailed Information:
    The International Primate Protection League was founded in 1973, and, since this time, has been working continuously for the well-being of primates. IPPL has Field Representatives in 31 countries. Its Advisory Board is composed of experts from the fields of zoology, anthropology, medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, and psychology. Many IPPL officers have lived for long periods with primates in their natural habitats.
    Primates are disappearing at an alarming rate. Every primate species is listed on the appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. All apes, (gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gibbons), all lemurs, and many monkeys appear on the Convention's Appendix 1, the list reserved for the most endangered species. All other primates are listed on Appendix II.

    In countries where primates live, IPPL's Field Representatives work to create and preserve national parks and sanctuaries, and for bans on primate hunting, trapping, and local and international trade.

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