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    Animal Rights

    Animal Rights is an independent animal rights website from Malta, which focuses on international and local animal rights issues. Animal Rights promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle in harmony with nature. Thus, it supports vegetarianism, non-violent activism on behalf of animal rights, and direct animal protection work in animal sanctuaries.

    Animal Rights is against unnecessary slaughter of animals for food or clothing, all animal experiments, any killing of animals except in self-defence or where the animal is suffering an incurable illness or injury which will result in a painful death, the abuse of animals in the entertainment industry, hunting, trapping and fishing, and of course, cruelty to animals such as dog-fights.

    Animal Rights also actively supports Maltese animal protection organisations, by giving them free coverage on the website and advertising fund-raising events and activities. Since 2004, through a sponsorship scheme, Animal Rights is also giving a yearly donation to a local animal sanctuary.
    Contact Person: Kenneth Cassar
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    This page was last modified on 04/27/2004.

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