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  • Category: General Information > Vegetarianism > Veganism : Ecological and Environmental Education and Animal Rights by Richard Kahn is a growing collective based in Southern California that aims to promote ecological consciousness, sustainable living practices, and animal rights to a burgeoning global culture that is interested in what it can do to help save the planet!

    While we believe that a vegan diet and lifestyle is an enlightened choice in response to present food industry practices and trans-national capital development policies that have the world environment bracing for catastrophe, we also understand that "getting vegan" involves the process of arriving at this conclusion for oneself.

    Thus, the collective embraces all of the Internet's fellow travelers, vegan or not. If you have arrived at our website, then you are ready to take one additional step towards becoming a better informed individual, capable of allowing this knowledge to have a direct influence upon the course of your life. In this way, despite many of the current global governmental and corporate living practices that are being undertaken without democratic consent, we all really can help to fight back for the globe one bite at a time. Thus, as we like to say:

    Don't get mad...Get Vegan!
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    P.O. Box 3307
    Beverly Hills , CA 90212
    Contact Person: Get Vegan
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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