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    Foie Gras-Free Pittsburgh a campaign of Voices for Animals of Western Pennsylvania

    The Foie Gras-Free Pittsburgh Campaign is coordinated by Voices for Animals of Western Pennsylvania. The campaign started in January of 2004 to make Pittsburgh's eating establishments foie gras-free.
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    P.O. Box 2751
    Pittsburgh , PA 15230
    Contact Person: Voices for Animals of Western Pennsylvania
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    The Foie Gras-Free Pittsburgh campaign began with the recognition that the vast majority of the cruelty, abuse, and infliction of unnecessary pain and death to animals take place at the hands of animal agriculture and modern factory farming. With this recognition comes another: some methods of food production that involve the exploitation of animals are so clearly out of the realm of humane and responsible behavior that they should be immediately ended. The production of foie gras, which involves the force-feeding and inevitable purposeful infliction of a painful liver disease upon an animal for no other reason then an unnecessary gourmet food item, is one of many such examples.

    In 2003, an undercover investigation at the two largest foie gras producers in the United States resulted in documented evidence of common, yet profound abuse and mistreatment of animals on foie gras farms. This investigation found sick and dying birds being denied veterinary care, ducks being forced to live among the corpses of dead ducks, violent feeding methods, intensive confinement and filthy living conditions and various other abuses. More information on this investigation can be reviewed at

    Thus, in solidarity with the investigators of and the millions of ducks and geese worldwide tortured and slaughtered for foie gras, our campaign began as a new year’s resolution with one simple objective: make Pittsburgh foie gras-free.

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