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    Compassionate Consumers

    Who We Are
    Compassionate Consumers is a not-for-profit animal advocacy organization based in Rochester, NY. CC focuses on the cruelty of animals in agriculture and encourages consumers to adopt a vegetarian diet or seek out more humane animal products. Also considered a consumer advocacy group, CC believes that everyone has the right to know and obligation to find out where their food comes from. CC helps to ensure that consumers have access to truthful and reliable information regarding how their food is produced so that they are able to make informed and compassionate choices.
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    PO Box 18552
    Rochester , NY 14618-0552
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    Compassionate Consumers was founded in 2003 by a small group of people concerned about animal welfare in the food industry. Many people have little or no connection to where any of their food comes from. Farm animals are often hidden from view in large warehouse-like facilities; and the origin of any specific animal product can be difficult to trace. Out of sight, out of mind - and its time for that to change. This is the spark that began the organization and its drive to bring information to the public about these issues.

    What We Do
    As a group we believe that it is important to be peaceful, friendly, organized and professional. These qualities are vital when informing people about the reality of modern animal agriculture and what they can do about it. Some of the techniques we use are leaflet distribution, tabling, video showings and peaceful demonstrations.

    “Dedicated to promoting ethical integrity and informing consumer choice.”

    Frequenty Asked Questions
    Q. Is Compassionate Consumers an "animal rights" group?

    A. Compassionate Consumers considers itself to be a consumer and animal advocacy organization. We agree with many so-called animal rights groups on the issues of cruel farming practices involving animals. However, we only focus on animal agriculture and do not campaign against other issues that most animal rights groups are concerned with. And unlike most animal rights groups, we not only encourage an animal-free diet, but also suggest "free-range" and other more humane alternatives.

    Q. Who can become a member?

    A. Anyone who has a love, respect, and dedication for animals and wants to join our activism efforts to inform the public about the abuses of animals in agriculture. You don’t need to be vegan or vegetarian. We just ask that you have an interest in becoming an effective activist in order to inform people about how their animal products are produced.

    Q. I don't live in the Rochester area, how can I help?

    A. If you are unable to join us in membership, your support with a monetary donation will also help us in our cause. Remember that there is also plenty of activism that you can do in your own town. Contact us if you would like some guidance.

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