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    Animal Liberation (Croatia)

    Liberation movement is a request for stoping prejudice and discrimination of animals. Human attitudes that are based on ascendented prejudices, are absolutely irrational and serve to assure privileges to the group that practise exploatation of unhuman beings for their own benefit. Animals do not exist to serve interests of people.
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    It's morale inadmissible rankle and death to any human or unhuman being. Human's can't appertain the same way like they do to other people. Like racists take that the members of their rase are pre eminented realated on members of other rase or sexists wich belive that the members of their sex are pre eminented related on members of opposite sex, the same way members of Homo sapiens think that they are pre eminented realated to any other species, another kind of paradigms unacceptable todays modern society. These differences are biological, and not moral character. There is no pre eminented species and anyone who thinks different lives in prejudice like rasists and sexists.

    People and animal don't have the same rights. Between them there are differences, but accepting that fact isn't obstacle for expansion principles of equality for un-human beings. Right to equality doesen't mean same treatmant and rights. Everyone that participate animal liberation movement are aware of limits. Before anything we need far more bigger engagement, beacuse animals can't protest for them self. Besides changes in feeding and linguistic habits, it's needed to reject one part of western culture in wich are prejudice deeply ingraned.

    Critics and sceptics will wonder if liberation movement got any chance against deeply ingraned prejudices habits or private interests? Regarding on many changes that manifest in spread of movement, development of consciousness and sympatize to un-human beings, understanding and establishment conections between macrobiotics and other movement, we can be optimistic.

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