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    This Malden-MA-Vegetarians list is for vegetarians who live in and/or around Malden, Massachusetts, who want to organize vegetarian resources and vegetarian-friendly events, and who want to give a positive public visibility to vegetarian people, resources, and practices in and around around Malden.
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    E-Mail: [email protected]

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    Frequently vegetarian and vegan guests appear on MATV ( - Malden Access Television), and the vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly persons and resources would probably awe and inspire MOST vegetarians of Malden. Why not join with us and discover and popularize some of these resources together.

    Finally, we would appreciate your doing six (6) things to help increase the number of subscribers to Malden-vegetarians:

    1) tell your vegetarian and semivegetarian friends in Malden (and neighboring cities) about this list

    2) send ME the names and e-mails of those vegetarian and semivegetarian friends who are our neighbors

    3) join this list yourself

    4) brainstorm with all the listmembers about how we can (a) increase the number of vegetarians on this particular e-mail list AND (b) get the word out among Malden people (aka Maldonians) about the benefits of plant-based diets and (c) get vegetarian events in Malden (networking vegetarians neighbors here) and (d) get vegetarian meals in every volume-feeding establishment (restaurants, public housing, schools, company cafeterias) in Malden.

    5) suggest vegetarian-friendly informational guests and programs for Maynard Clark's 3rd Monday program on Monday Night Live (successor to MPR, which ran for 8 years), 7-8 pm.

    6) tell young people, many of whom WILL be either vegetarians or friends with (or aware of) vegetarians their age about this list and about our hopes to get vegetarian activities going in Malden.

    Meanwhile, check out the Boston Vegetarian Society ( North Shore Vegetarians (

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