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    We are thrilled to announce that PETA has launched the world’s most comprehensive vegetarian web site, Whether you’re looking for information on the latest study about meat industry exploitation of workers, government prioritizing industry over protecting the environment, or video and photos from factory farms, is the site to visit.
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    501 Front St.
    Norfolk , VA 23510
    Contact Person: PETA
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    Here are some highlights:

    · Vegetarian 101: A snapshot look at why to go vegetarian, a guide on making the transition, delicious recipes, and quotes and ads from your favorite vegetarian celebrities.

    · Photo Galleries—A compelling photographic account of what really happens on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.

    · Video Gallery—Educational videos, undercover investigations, commercials, and more.
    · Health Concerns—Current and footnoted research about the connections between animal products and heart disease, cancer, obesity, impotence, and more.

    · Amazing Animals—All the latest animal behavior research on intelligence of chickens, pigs, fish, turkeys, and cows.

    · The Environment—Fully cited information about the environmental impact of the meat industry, laid out in a point-by-point discussion of global warming, water pollution, resource depletion, and more.

    · World Hunger—An in-depth look at the link between feeding grains to animals and starving humans in the developing world.

    · Worker Rights—A thorough analysis of chicken contract workers, the “most dangerous job in America” (working in a slaughterhouse), and other ways that eating meat supports the abuse of workers.

    · Poisoning Communities—Factory farms sicken and kill people in surrounding communities.
    · Government Regulation—Sobering research into the ties between the meat industry and the Federal government—both executive and legislative, and how this results in bad environmental, worker protection, and public safety laws and regulations—and no protection for animals.

    PLUS: Activism ideas for every schedule, an online shopping guide, health information every parent should know, scientific research into toxins in meat, book and Web site recommendations, links to our favorite vegetarian literature and merchandise, and much, much more! .

    You can make a difference for farmed animals by spreading the word about this amazing new resource: Forward this message to your family and friends, post a message on your listserv, and add a link to to your web site or in your e-signature.

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