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    Staying Healthy on Plant-Based Diets (Formerly Known As Staying a Healthy Vegan)

    I was vegan for awhile, but...

    Vegan Outreach promotes a vegan diet in order to lessen the suffering of animals. Since the average American consumes thousands of animals over the course of a lifetime, each person who eats a vegan diet makes a difference by removing their support from the factory farming and slaughtering of these animals. For this reason, I have been involved in vegan advocacy for over fifteen years.

    During my years of outreach, I have been told by many people that they tried to be vegetarian or vegan, but hadn't felt healthy. I found this troubling. How can we prevent animal suffering by promoting a vegan diet for our entire society if some people do not respond well to it? Finding an answer to this problem was a major motivation for my becoming a Registered Dietitian. In researching the subject, I discovered that some claims about the vegan diet include distortions or omissions which can lead to people having poor experiences.
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