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    ActivistBETA is a powerful new animal rights activism website designed to support BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in all its endeavors. is a powerful new animal rights activism website designed to support BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in all its endeavors.

    The ActivistBETA website was set up to form a nationwide support network for BETA, Lebanon’s first animal welfare organization, by way of:

    · Providing constant ideological support for BETA’s projects and rescue missions
    · Linking animal lovers/animal rights activists in Lebanon with BETA
    · Providing humane education materials for BETA answers key questions…

    As BETA continues to perform its excellent rescue work, many people continue to ask animal-related questions. ActivistBETA provides answers for such questions and many more…

    · Why do cats and dogs become homeless, and why do they need our help?
    · Why adopt a rescue from a shelter?
    · Do animals feel pain, and how can we relieve them?
    · Why does animal rescue cost money?
    · How can I support my local animal rescue organization?
    · Where can I find a good vet in Lebanon?
    · Why should I spay/neuter my cat or dog?
    · Where do my burger and chicken nuggets come from?
    · Where do my leather shoes come from? provides information on…
    · Animal rights activism
    · Companion animals
    · Animals raised for food
    · Animals raised for their skins
    · Animal used for testing
    · Animals used for entertainment
    · Animal liberation

    ActivistBETA is interactive, enabling visitors to…
    · Register online in order to comment about posted articles
    · Participate in online forums by registering online
    · Download files and visuals
    · Vote on animal-related polls
    · Subscribe to our email newsletter
    · Send free animal e-cards showing BETA rescues at their best
    · Shop from our e-store has a special Kids’ Section featuring…
    · Sample fun exercises created to help teach kids compassion
    · Online arcade games whose target is to help animals achieve their goals

    What is activism?

    Activism, defined as an intentional action to bring about social change, creates the social awareness needed to aid animal welfare workers in their necessary and urgent animal rescue work. While animal welfare is a reaction to a problem (pet overpopulation, homeless animals, inhumane treatment of farm animals), animal rights activism, by recognizing animals’ right to exist for their own reasons, not for human use, and by raising awareness and spreading humane education, seeks to address such problems from the root. If animal welfare is a lifeboat, activism is the engine that keeps it afloat.

    Who created

    The ActivistBETA website is independently conceived, developed and maintained by Najib Shams (website designer/developer, artistic photographer) and Hania Jurdak (former BETA co-founder, freelance writer.
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    Contact Person: Hania Jurdak/Najib Shams
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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