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    Arkangel :: for animal liberation

    The role of Arkangel has always been to provide a forum where what you don't get to hear gets aired, and that continues to be its remit. PR companies and the media have been working overtime to build on the pretense that what is done to non-human animals is essential for 'the greater good'. Vivisection in particular has recently been getting extensive coverage as a direct response to the SPEAK campaign, which is in the spotlight because of its opposition to Oxford University's new vivisection laboratory currently under construction. In the USA, the SHAC 7 have been found guilty; both these organisations have been pilloried by the media because they have made inroads into exposing the secretive, closed world of the vivisection industry.

    The strength of dynamic grass roots campaigning methods has made the animal rights movement one that is feared by industries that abuse animals. The backlash by the media and industry spokespersons proves this - it has taken the form of suppression of the truth, misrepresentation of facts, and what amounts to free advertising space to the pro-lobby.

    Access to the unabridged facts is rarely available, but Arkangel is committed to bridging that gap and refuses to be hampered by recent Government proposals to introduce a law to criminalise the "glorification of terrorism" (whatever that means). The reporting of facts - however ugly - cannot be criminalised in a truly democratic society, and we believe that the public have a right to know what is happening and why it might be happening, regardless of whether some in authority take offence to it.

    While the opposition tries to throw everything in the book at us to silence us, they forget one simple thing - the truth can never be silenced. In the case of vivisection, the process of demystifying scientific myths and falsehoods and of underpinning the moral message has started to break the deadlock created by years of spin by the opposition. If the movement's efforts have not yet been rewarded by change, then the desperate attempts by the opposition to fool the public should be enough encouragement to campaigners - it is a sign that things are on the move. We've always known it wouldn't be easy to make headway in a society whose infrastructure is based on the animal abuse industries, but we know we're putting the pressure on them - its just you don't get to read about it in the papers! The only thing you will hear is that animal rights terrorists are victimising innocent animal abusers.

    You can hear the rest of the story from us on the Arkangel website - we tell you what the media and the opposition don't, or won't. We report the truth based on fact, and if the press need a broader picture about what's going on in the big wide world of the international animal rights movement, then they don't have to do more than click on line. This is an information service offering unique insight for those who want to be informed about developing news stories on a wide variety of topics from direct action, politics, environment, etc. We hope you will enjoy its new format, and that you will support our work.
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