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    Visit to meet vegetarians, environmentalists and socially conscious singles that understand your values.

    If every date you’ve ever had through online matchmaking sites like has ever ended in a furor over whether global warming exists, the invasive flower species your date chose to give you, or their lack of concern over animal rights – have we got a site for you!
    Introducing: – a site with personals for vegetarians, environmentalists, and conscious singles. Whether you’re a fruitarian looking for a unitarian or a someone involved in holistic healing looking for a green activist, they’ve got you covered. Membership is growing fast. So, get busy! Your one true love (that owns a hemp distribution company in Colorado) could be out there waiting for you!

    Our members share a conscious attitude influenced by environmental awareness, healthy living and a desire to explore the mind, body and spirit. Connect with other like-minded souls that value...

    - the earth, ecology and the environment
    - peace, social justice and equal rights
    - natural living and alternative medicine
    - vegetarian, organic and healthy lifestyles
    - spirituality and personal growth
    - nature and outdoor activities
    - human rights and animal rights
    - theatre, music and the arts
    - holistic and new age philosophies
    - green politics and world events

    Try it for FREE!
    Contact Person: Bill Christopher
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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