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    Compassionate Carnivores

    Compassionate Carnivores is an organization focusing on the fact that the majority of people who eat meat care about how the animal on their plate was raised, transported and slaughtered.
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    Compassionate Carnivores was created to educate people who eat meat about the abuses of factory farming and seeks to inform about alternative purchasing choices from humane methods of raising animals.

    Home of the VIP (Veggie in Progress)for the meat eaters who agree to not eat meat one day each week to raise consciousness of the cause for factory farm abuses.

    "VIPs" also agree to sign petitions that are sent when signatures need to be gathered to back legislature.

    Goal is to attract multitudes of consumers who care about how the animals get to their plate and who would choose to purchase humanely raised food. Vision is to create a movement large enough to put pressure on big business in a way to effect a shift in how factory farms handle animals...through legislative changes for humane treatment of all animals raised for food and through consumer choices purchasing from stores such as Whole Foods.

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