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    PA Egg Farm Investigation -

    Eggs. Whether scrabled or poached, sliced in a salad or served sunny-side up, eggs are often considered a healthy food choice. It's no surprise that eggs are perceived this way, as lobby groups for the egg industry spend millions of dollars every year trying to sell consumers on "the incredible, edible egg." But what the industry doesn't show consumers is where the eggs come from - dark, cramped, feces-filled rows of cages stuffed with egg-laying chickens that will never see the sun, never feel the grass, and who will never have more personal space than half of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. What's worse, eggs in these conditions are often smeared in feces, sit for hours on dirty collection trays, and are eaten or handled by rodents before being washed and sent on to you, the consumer.

    In order to expose the realities of modern egg production for consumers in the greater Philadelphia region, local animal rights group Hugs for Puppies conducted an undercover investigation at Kreider Farms of Lancaster, PA. Kreider produces tens of millions of eggs every year and supplies them to McDonalds, Genaurdi's, and other supermarkets and restaurants in the Philadelphia area. An undercover investigation conducted at three of their five egg production facilities revealed grossly inhumane and unsanitary conditions (please see the video clips and photos for more detail). Unfortunately, the conditions at Kreider are neither illegal nor uncommon. The "battery cage" system used at Kreider - which has been banned in the European Union - is the egg industry's standard way of producing eggs.

    We are asking that you check out the video clips, photo stills, and information about Kreider Farms and modern egg production systems found on this website. For those interested in choosing to cut cruelty from their menus, we've provided an "action page" where you can draft a letter to the Better Business Bureau, as well as find out more information on making your diet egg-free. For more information on Kreider Farms, modern egg production, or Hugs for Puppies, check out the links above or email us at: [email protected]
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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