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    Worldwide petition for companion animals in Japan

    Companion animals are often abused, neglected and killed in Japan. There are no laws that sufficiently protect the lives of companion animals. We strongly hope that companion animals no longer become the victims of such conducts. We request below to the Prime Minister of Japan, the Japanese Government, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Environment, Animal Welfare Centers in Japan, Prefectural and Municipal Assemblies, Japanese Public Prosecutor’s Offices of various levels, the Metropolitan Police Department of Japan, and Local Police Departments in Japan.

    1. Abolishing the killing of companion animals

    2. Proactive controlling of the abuse, neglect and abandonment of companion animals

    3. Prohibiting companion animals from being sold via Internet and from being displayed for sale at pet stores and streets

    4. Exercising strict and frequent controls over reproductions or raising of companion animals at pet stores
    and breeders

    5. Enforcing strict restrictions on the imports of companion animals by businesses

    6. Abolishing the wholesale markets for companion animals

    7. Establishing systems which can respond swiftly to calls by increasing the number of staff members at animal welfare centers

    8. Thoroughly informing the police and other related personnel of the government of the animal welfare/protection laws

    9. Providing support for the activities of organizations, citizens groups and individuals who are active in protecting neglected or abandoned animals, conducting spaying/neutering and for establishing shelters for the victim companion animals

    10. Transferring the current dog and cat holding/killing facilities into the shelters for protection and adoption
    Contact Person: Lydia Tanabe, Spokesman of SASA Japan
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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