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    HAYKOD Animal Protection Association

    The aim of HAYKOD is to

    Discourage the municipalities against the mass killing of the stray animals for the sake of animal control, and encouragement for the implementation of the projects based on sterilization/vaccination/let live methods instead.
    Prevention of unethical experiments on animlas.
    Preparation of a comprehensive proposal of a humane Law of Animal Rights and its submission to the parliament.
    Organization of free sterilization campaigns.
    Coordination against the needless cruelty of animal sacrifice as a tradition based on the primitive beliefs in Turkey.
    Organization of educational seminars and workshops in primary schools with the themes of affection for animals and animal welfare issues in order to develop sympathy and respect for animals among children.
    Adoption campaigns for the abandoned animals, including the pets abandoned at the end of the holiday season especially in the coastal areas.
    Provision of necessary sustenance, rescue , medical treatment, spay/neuter, vaccination and rehabilitation for thousands of stray and abandoned, tortured and sick animals, including wildlife.
    The association strives hard to a unique model for other shelters in Turkey -including municipal shelters- to provide stray, disabled and old animals with a place where they can happily live out there lives in peace.

    HAYKOD shelter currently cares for 350 dogs, 150 cats, a bear, a horse and a gray parrot. Previous inhabitants included a donkey, two falcons, an owl, ducks, rabbits and tortoises.

    In order to continue helping the abused, neglected and suffering animals, we need your help. any donation that you make will be used directly to help the animals. If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring one of the delightful characters who currently lives at the sanctuary then please cLICK... or contact us for more information by email.

    HAYKOD is a member of WSPA
    35. Sokak, No. 10 Bahçelievler
    Ankara ,
    Phone: Tel: 90 (312) 215 15 55
    Fax: Fax: 90 (312) 222 26 22
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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