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    Vegetarian Film Festival 2006 :: Christchurch, NZ

    Welcome to the first ever Vegetarian Film Festival in Auckland and Christchurch. Held on October 8th to celebrate World Vegetarian Day, this festival brings together a well chosen selection of films from around the world, including New Zealand.

    What makes a film festival vegetarian?

    Firstly, all the movies deal with vegetarian themes. These films show vegetarians working in butcher shops (Shooting Vegetarians) or health food shops (Road Less Travelled), vegetarians speaking out against animal abuse (Jill’s Film) or vegetarians taking on Multi National Corporations (McLibel).

    Often the cast and crews producing the films are vegetarian. 'Remembering Bob' was an all vegan shoot with the ethics of the film carried through to the day to day filmmaking practicalities such as catering and what to do with the animals playing Bob (sent to a farm animal sanctuary to live out his natural life.)

    Finally, the movies have to be entertaining, educational or both for both vegetarian and non vegetarian audiences. The titles chosen offer the viewer opportunities to laugh, cry and think.

    There is a huge growing public awareness about the significant benefits of vegetarianism. These benefits include those for the environment, the world’s hungry, our personal health or for the animals. Few political movements are so encompassing, few movements have waited so long for acknowledgment.

    In line with the ethos of the festival, all vegan snacks, including traditional movie treats such as ice cream and popcorn, will be available before and after the sessions.

    On behalf of the Vegetarian Film Festival Committee, the Christchurch Centre of the New Zealand Vegetarian Society and Meat Free Media, we take pleasure in welcoming you to the first Auckland and Christchurch Vegetarian Film Festival.

    Yolanda Soryl and Aaron Koolen
    Festival Co-directors
    63c Rockinghorse Rd
    Christchurch ,
    New Zealand
    Phone: (03) 389 9017
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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