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    AntiFur Society

    We are a group dedicated to the dissemination of the horrors of fur industry, in order to inform unsuspecting citizens of the unimaginable amount of pain and agony that comes with each fur article that he/she might purchase.

    Most people do not fully comprehend the extent of brutality that is the fur industry. It is an industry that has no morals or compassion towards those whose skins have enriched them. Their victims are kept in abominable conditions during their entire lives before meeting with the most barbaric deaths imaginable.

    OUR GOAL is to reach people across the planet, and create anti-fur groups of conscientious individuals who will, in turn, inform others in their midst, forming a true anti-fur chain around the planet. By informing consumers globally, we hope to help compassionate citizens to make conscientious decisions when purchasing what could be offending merchandize.

    WE PROMOTE: Anti-fur use, anti-cruelty in general, activism, anti-fur groups, and cooperate
    with anti-fur groups worldwide. Helping strengthen anti-fur groups, forming alliances with groups geared towards ending the fur trade is our utmost goal.
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    P.O. Box 10183
    Greensboro , NC 27404-0183
    Contact Person: Anti-Fur Society
    Fax: 336-855-0101
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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