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    SPEAK: The Voice for the Animals

    Anti-vivisection grassroots campaign to stop the the building of Oxford University's new animal experimentation laboratory

    Born from a victorious campaign against the building of a primate research laboratory in Cambridge in 2003, the SPEAK campaign now leads the battle against Oxford University and their plans to build the biggest animal research laboratory in the UK. SPEAK aim to prevent the suffering of animals across the board; it is a grassroots animal rights organisation that takes the fight to the animal abusers themselves. It is not fundamentally a single-issue organisation, but its current focus is to end vivisection. We organise demonstrations and public meetings to ensure the public are kept informed of the fraud and suffering involved in vivisection and we provide information to show people how they can be more pro-active.

    SPEAK are pro-science, not anti-science - we just donít believe animal Ďmodelsí accurately predict human disease, or that the suffering and death of animals can be justified in the name of a science that many scientists increasingly believe is defunct. Vivisection is archaic; SPEAK believes in supporting progressive and enlightened scientific practices and provides information on the latest scientific developments, which donít use animals and are cruelty-free.

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    PO Box 6712
    Northampton , NN2 6XR
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 0845 330 7985
    E-Mail: [email protected]

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