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    Animalearn Launches Student Choice Animation: Celebrates The Science Bank 10th Anniversary

    Animalearn Proudly Presents "I Know What You Did Last Semester:Frogger Goes to College". As the school year begins, Frogger reminds students that Dissection Doesn't Cut it.
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    801 Old York Road, Suite 204
    Jenkintown , PA 19046
    Contact Person: Laura Ducceschi, Director
    Phone: 215-887-0816
    Fax: 215-887-2088
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Detailed Information:
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21, 2022

    Laura Ducceschi, Education Director
    Nicole Green, Assistant Director
    Animalearn Launches Student Choice Animation
    Celebrates The Science Bank’s 10th Anniversary

    As the school year begins, Frogger reminds students that Dissection Doesn’t Cut it.

    September 21, 2022 - Animalearn launched a new animation today entitled I Know What you did Last Semester: Frogger Goes to College, which urges students to say “No” to dissection. As part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Science Bank, Animalearn’s free loan program of alternatives to dissection, Animalearn is informing college and university students nationwide that they can make the compassionate choice to not dissect for their education.

    This short animation, created by Design for Social Impact, depicts a frog named Frogger meeting a college student whose biology class is holding an impending dissection. Frogger directs her to Animalearn’s new website, When the student logs on and learns about The Science Bank’s loan program, Frogger quickly gets to work in assembling his animal friends, who are commonly dissected in science classrooms. Frogger and his entourage go to the student’s biology class with a comprehensive selection of alternatives to dissection, including models, CD-ROMS, and videos, that can take the place of traditional dissection. As a frog dissection is about to begin, Frogger and his friends intervene and present the alternatives to the professor and students. After using the alternatives to dissection, the professor and students are impressed with the quality of dissection alternatives, and use them in place of real animal dissection. Frogger and his friends celebrate their success at convincing yet another college biology class to use alternatives to dissection, available free from The Science Bank’s loan program.

    Laura Ducceschi, Director of Animalearn, explains that “Millions of animals are killed for the purpose of classroom dissection annually. As part of its mission to promote alternatives to dissection in colleges and universities, Animalearn reminds students that they can say 'No' to dissection."

    Many colleges and universities have Student Choice Policies, which grant students the right to choose an alternative to dissection, even if they are majoring in a science-related discipline. If a college or university does not yet have a Student Choice Policy, students should inform their professors that they would like an alternative to dissection. Students can even consider initiating a Student Choice Policy on their campus to help other students feel comfortable objecting to dissection.

    Any students that need help exercising their right to choose humane alternatives can call Animalearn at (215)887-0816.

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