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    Meatout Mondays - Vegetarian Recipes, Resources, Facts, and Inspiration

    Feeling sluggish? Catching frequent colds? Considering shedding a few pounds? Troubled by environmental pollution or animal suffering in factory farms and slaughterhouses?

    Sounds like you're ready for Meatout Mondays.

    Get a free veg starter kit click here

    Meatout Mondays is a colorful weekly e-newsletter that delivers a delicious veg recipe, an inspirational message, and an informative feature to help you kick the meat habit every Monday.
    What we have to offer you for FREE

    The motivation you need to change your life. Our "Veg 101 - The Whys" section provides an overview of the arguments for vegetarianism. It covers health, world hunger, environmental pollution, and animal abuse as they pertain to our dietary choices. Plus, each issue of the e-newsletter features an inspirational article to guide you in your quest for good health and peace of mind.

    A free vegetarian starter kit. Not an internet person? Fill out our request form to have a vegetarian starter kit mailed to your home or a friend's!

    Everything you need to get started right now. Why put off improving your life? Your health and the future of the planet are too valuable to take a back seat to mowing the lawn or reorganizing the garage. Our "Veg 201 - The Hows" section highlights healthy food options available in mainstream grocery stores, so you don't have to change your shopping routine to take better care of yourself. Sign up to have a fresh new recipe delivered to your inbox every week, and be sure to search past issues of the e-newsletter to make full use of our 100 recipe archive!

    With Meatout Mondays, making the transition to healthier living couldn't be easier.
    10101 ASHBURTON
    BETHESDA , MD 20817
    Contact Person: FARM
    Phone: 888 ASK FARM
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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