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    What is a Veg-a-thon?
    A veg-a-thon is a fundraiser where you eat a vegetarian diet for one to eight weeks and collect pledges for your efforts to benefit the nonprofit organization of your choice.
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    Why Make Trying Vegetarian Eating a Fundraiser?
    For several reasons. First, fundraising for a cause may be just the incentive that gets someone off the fence about trying vegetarian eating and stick to it for at least the duration of their veg-a-thon. Second, when someone does a veg-a-thon they tell people about it when they collect pledges, introducing others to some of the many benefits of vegetarian eating. Third, because we're helping nonprofit organizations raise funds, we figure we can count on some of them to help promote and thereby endorse vegetarianism and expand the reach of the campaign.

    The Vision aims to reduce animal suffering and encourage charitable giving by providing information and advice for people interested in doing or sponsoring a veg-a-thon. Our hope is that those who do veg-a-thons will eat more vegetarian meals after their veg-a-thon is over and perhaps even decide to eat vegetarian or vegan foods exclusively.

    Who is is a project of Kind Choices, an organization that promotes kindness to all animals.

    How Can I Help?
    If you are not yet vegan, you can do a veg-a-thon (eating vegetarian or vegan). If you are already vegan or would rather not do a veg-a-thon, consider sponsoring someone else's veg-a-thon. If you are especially ambitious, you can organize a group veg-a-thon. Please also spread the word about

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