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    Respecting Animals

    Respecting Animals works to end all exploitation of animals by humans. We believe that all animals are individuals and have the right to exist free from domination and that this right can only be fully realized by letting animals live their lives according to their desires, not the desires of humans.
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    Detailed Information:
    Animal Slave Laws - Respecting Animals does not look to the Animal Welfare Act, the Humane Methods of Live Slaughter Act, labeling standards, or any other slave laws to protect animals or to help end speciesism; these slave laws are speciesist at their root and only facilitate atrocities by regulating them. We are not concerned with the number of legal violations, or length of time in compliance with the law, by a vivisection facility, a circus, a slaughterhouse, or any other animal slavery operation - all are in violation of the animals' right to live free of slavery and exploitation and none are in compliance with what is right. Just as the law once wrongly discriminated on the basis of race and gender, so now it wrongly discriminates based on species.

    The Work of Respecting Animals involves:

    (1) Regular vegan outreach;

    (2) Protesting sites of animal exploitation with non-speciesist messages and literature to: expose the truth, call for the end of the exploitation, and educate on the vegan solution;

    (3) Supporting the rights of activists to educate the public and protest animal exploitation;

    (4) Supporting animal sanctuaries caring for the victims of speciesism that fully respect all the individuals in their care and do not participate in, or support, speciesist activities, campaigns, or messages;

    (5) Maintaining a Vegan Guide for Portland featuring only establishments that do not exploit animals (100% vegan).

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